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1. Are all Sanosan products are imported with original packaging?

Sanosan was born in Germany in 1983. The breakthrough formula of hydrolyzed milk protein and olive oil is gentle, safe and effective.100% of the Sanosan products are imported from Germany with original packaging. With rich product lines, more than 6 series has been developed, certified by a number of professional institutions, and sold in more than 100 countries and regions. Sanosan provides the global babies with breast milk-like care!

In 2010, Sanosan was introduced into the Chinese market by Beijing LongSight Trade Co., Ltd. in the way of import with original packaging.

2. What is the role of hydrolyzed milk protein in Sanosan's star formula?

The main ingredient of hydrolyzed milk protein is casein. The distribution of casein amino acid is very similar to the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) ingredient of the skin. It can form an important protective film between the skin surface and the outside world, which can lock moisture and protects and nourishes infant skin.

Promoting the growth of skin cell and effectively protecting skin against external environmental stimulus.

Keeping skin moisturized by natural moisturizing factors.

Good stability provides anti irritant and protective performance for skin, and reduces allergic reaction.

Increasing skin tension and elasticity, and making skin softer. Improving the body's resistance to infection of external pathogens.

Improving the body's resistance to infection of external pathogens.

3. What safety certification do Sanosan products have?

Sanosan was awarded a number of international certifications, such as "German Medical Test Quality Products and German Midwife Recommended Brand", which proved the safety of the product ingredients, so Sanosan can be sold abroad in the pharmaceutical stores, hospitals and other medical channels.

Sanosan was certified by "ECARF". "ECARF" is an anti-allergy certification issued by European Center for Allergy Research Foundation. Only products or services that have been proved to be able to meet the special needs of allergic people and actively solve their problems can obtain this certification mark.

4. Can baby with repeated eczema use skin care products?

Eczema is a common skin problem of infants. It is often recurrent and difficult to cure completely. It is easy for new parents to recognize eczema as skin problem. Actually, it is a manifestation of allergic reaction. Therefore, eczema should be prevented and treated both. On the one hand, when adding complementary foods, parents should be careful so as to avoid food allergies. On the other hand, parents should reduce skin irritation from external factors and give skin mild and gentle care.

In addition, parents should pay attention to moisturizing the skin, and apply safe, gentle and anti-sensitive skin care products in a timely manner after bathing. If eczema symptoms are more serious, medication should be taken under the guidance of doctors.