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The new image launch conference of Sanosan 2018

2018-10-09 09:53:47

On September 9th, Sanosan held a new image launch of the 2018 brand with the theme of “Mother and Baby’s Skin Story” at Shanghai Heshenghui.

The conference was open for everyone, and the scene was overwhelming and lively.

Open interaction activities.

Consumers can not only visit the photography exhibition of the story of Skin and Skin and Sanosan new brand image.

They can also take photos and experience in the three photo interactive areas with the themes of hydrolyzed milk protein, zero-addition, and natural ingredients, so that consumers can feel the new brand image of Sanosan in all directions and in three dimensions.

In an interview with the media, Mr. Jiang Meng, the president of Sanosan of China region, said that the brand concept of Sanosan is to give breast milk-care and natural love to babies with a strict attitude.

In the future, Sanosan will always adhere to the healthy science concept of care, benefit more Chinese mothers, and care for the healthy growth of babies.

The conference also invited pediatrician father in white to share the knowledge of baby skin care. He said that compared with adults, the baby's skin development is not perfect, very delicate, and daily skin care should be particularly careful.

When choose a baby skin care product, try to choose a product that is free of alcohol, fragrance, and that may not damage the skin.

Sanosan brand new image

Sanosan’s brand concept of giving breast milk-care to babies has deeply rooted in customers’ mind. The company noticed that babies can perceive the world through the skin and communicate emotionally. For example, when parents give their baby a bath or apply moisturizer, they do it very gently, which will make the baby feel safe and just right.

Sanosan used this as a starting point to upgrade the brand image.

The product formula is upgraded from the original common olive oil to organic olive oil. The milk protein used in the product comes from the milk of dairy cows raised according to EU regulations. It does not contain hormones. It uses soft water that treated with more stringent water purification system than the German drinking water standard. The soft water makes the Sanosan products gentler, more natural, safer and more nourished.

Sanosan does not pursue the fancy composition, and does not interfere too much with the baby's skin. Just like the contact between the parents and the baby's skin and the skin, what they give babies is pure love and just good care.

And the products with no add, no stimulation, fully meet the baby's delicate skin care needs. In the future, Sanosan will redefine China's baby skin care consumption model with high quality products and scientific nursing concepts to lead the industry.

Star product recommendation

The main product of the new image launch conference of Sanosan China is Sanosan Baby Care 2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel 500ml series. Different from the past, the packaging shape of the product has also been upgraded and optimized.

The new packaging mascot has been upgraded from the original baby to the Sani rabbit. The rabbit is one of the most popular animals in the world. The new mascot is more vivid and childlike, and can bring a better visual sense to Mommy and the baby.

The packaging details have also been carefully designed to facilitate the use of the mother.

The bottle body is more ergonomically designed for easier gripping; the unique new pump head is more aesthetically pleasing and more airtight. When bathe for the baby, the mother can easily open, close and use the product with one hand. .

The design of the new packaging is truly beautiful and practical from the perspective of mother and baby, and is loved by Chinese mothers.

Sanosan, German professional maternal and child care brand

Sanosan is a high-end maternal and infant lotion brand under the umbrella of Mann & Schroder GmbH. It was born in 1983. With its reputation in Europe and the professional field, it has spread all over the world and has become a professional maternal and infant lotion brand that is especially loved and respected by young mothers. In 2010, Sanosan was introduced to China by Beijing Longshengtai Health Technology Co., Ltd.

The new upgrade of Sanosan's Chinese image is also from the perspective of Chinese consumers, catering to the general trend of China's maternal and infant market consumption upgrade.

In the future, we will also be committed to bringing more breast milk-care and natural love to Chinese babies with rigorous and scientific attitude!