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Sanosan Made a Brilliant Appearance in China Kids Expo

2018-10-29 18:30:05

On October 16, the high-profile 2018 CKE (China Kids Expo) was officially launched in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

In the expo, there were more than 2400 exhibitors and more than 4300 infant brands. Sanosan stood out again and made a brilliant appearance.

Next, let's go to see the expo with Sanosan!

The classic simple stand highlights the German quality

As a high-end German maternal and child care brand, Sanosan made a brilliant appearance in Shanghai CKE, and attracted the attention of the media and Sanosan fans.

Each fine design of the stand showed the staff's attentiveness.

The simple but good stand looked friendly and gentle, like the products of Sanosan. Sanosan selects German natural high-quality raw materials without any additional harmful ingredients so as to bring the baby more love and care.

Sanosan team in the expo were also warm and enthusiastic about promoting Sanosan products and accepting the expo's interview and live broadcast for Sanosan.

Sanosan staff were interviewed in live broadcast by the expo

The staff were very enthusiastic about introducing Sanosan products

The whole line of Sanosan products were exhibited

In the expo, Sanosan brought the whole line of products to CKE.

By taking care of the baby's skin with breast milk-like care and bringing more moist skin-washing experiences for babies, the hydrolyzed milk protein formula is well-received. Baby's skin is nourished without allergic phenomena.

It can help the baby's skin to set up a layer of effective barrier without any burden and irritation to the baby's skin, thus becoming the best choice for many parents.

New upgrade of Sanosan brand image

For the long time, Sanosan’s brand concept of giving the baby's breast milk-like care has been deep in consumers. Sanosan knows that babies can sense the world and make an emotional exchange through their skin. For example, when parents take a bath or smear lotion for a baby, soft technique will make the baby feel safe and loved.

In September, Sanosan made a brand-new image upgrade.

The product formula was upgraded from the original common olive oil to organic olive oil. The milk protein used in products is from the milk of cows which are fed according to the EU regulations and thus does not contain any hormone. The soft water treated by a water purification system more stringent than the German drinking water standard makes Sanosan products softer, safer, more natural and nourishing.

Sanosan never uses fancy ingredients and does not excessively interfere with baby's skin, just like the contact between parents and the baby's skin, giving the baby pure love and appropriate care.

The products without any additional harmful ingredients and irritation to the skin can fully meet the requirements of baby's delicate skin care. In the future, Sanosan will redefine China's infant skin care consumption mode with high-quality product and scientific care concept and lead the development of the industry.