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Sanosan Shining Again at Beauty Expo in 2018!

2018-06-20 14:41:18

Last week, the three-day China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) ended successfully at Shanghai New International Expo Center! Based on the skin care concept of natural, gentle and safe, as well as the professional attitude of focusing on the babies' skin problems, Sanosan has gained a lot of followers by its strength, and has shown the professional mother and baby breast milk care brand--- the extraordinary strength of German Sanosan

People in Front of the Exhibition Stand of Sanosan was Crowed and the Scene was Very Lively

Shanghai CBE is Asia's leading trade fair in beauty industry, this exhibition has totally attracted more than 3,500 enterprises to participate in it, and 18 national and regional exhibition groups are gathering here to focus on the industry trends.

For the purpose of making the world understand and perceive Sanosan, Sanosan was invited again to take part in thus grand gathering, which has not only shown the brand strength and image of Sanosan to the industry and the market, but also enabled more consumers, sales channels and industry media to know Sanosan closely.


Sanosan Carried Five Major Series Appeared in Shanghai CBE

Sanosan is a high-end mother and baby care brand under the management of Mann & Schroder GmbH,

which was born in 1983, and it has been sold in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. In 2010, Sanosan was introduced to China by Beijing LongSight Health Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

It has been 35 years since the birth of the first bottle of Sanosan in Germany. The baptism of time is the precipitation of quality, making Sanosan a professional mother and baby care brand trusted by tens of thousands of mothers around the world. Since entering the Chinese market, Sanosan has also been favored by Chinese mothers.

At this year's Beauty Expo, Sanosan Baby Cleaning & Care Two-in-One Hair & Body Shampoo also won the award for the best products of pregnant women, infants and children in the TOP list of China MeiYiheld by the organizer of China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE).

At the expo, the warm and fragrant exhibits arrangement made Sanosan the focal point of the exhibition center. Every area and every detail of the exhibition center has joined the characteristic elements of Sanosan. By taking the blue and white color that is full of the sense of modern science and technology as the dominant tone, and combining with the brand concept of natural, gentle and safe, Sanosan has shown its breast milk-like natural care that it brings to babies.

The Striking Exhibition Stand of Sanosan Exudes Warmth and Sweetness, Making the Sanosan Followers Feel at Home

A total of five major series products are displayed at the exhibition area of Sanosan, which respectively are cleaning and care series, mild series, children series, sunscreen series and mommy series. It totally has nearly 30 kinds of commodities, which is a brand that owns longer product line in the category of China's import baby cleaning and care products.

The Whole Line Products of Sanosan Bring More Moist Cleaning and Care Experience for Babies

There is a continuous flow of people in the exhibition hall of Sanosan. The fans at home and abroad stand in front of the exhibition stand of Sanosan, they may be attracted by the products, feeling the breast milk-like skin care experience; or ask the staff for their own concerns and give Sanosan a thumbs up.

New and Old Sanosan Fans Stopped and Pay Attention to the Products of Sanosan

The audience at the scene not only felt the craftsmanship quality of Sanosan products, but also felt the ingenious and meticulous service of the staff. At the same time, we also invited a web celebrity who owns millions of mother fans---Xiao Xiaobao's mommy to the site to share and discuss child rearing knowledge.

Xiao Xiaobao's Mommy Also Came to the Scene to Interact with Everyone

In order to facilitate the fans who could not come to the site to know the grand occasion of the exhibition, we also conducted the online live broadcast for everyone, and in this way, everyone can also get the prizes of Sanosan at home through interaction.

Live Broadcast has shown the Series Products of Sanosan to Everyone

During the close interaction of Sanosan followers in this exhibition, we not only understand the real needs of Sanosan followers, but also provide a communicating opportunity for us to better serve the Sanosan followers in the future. Many Sanosan followers expressed that their babies fell in love with the bath because of Sanosan gave the baby a more moist cleaning experience. And this is closely related to our unique formula of hydrolyzed milk protein.

Excellent Products are the Support of Users' Trust


Natural Ingredients Give Baby Breast Milk-Like Care

With its rich professional experience and rigorous scientific attitude, its continuous research, development and innovation, and by means of science and technology, Mann & Schroder GmbH has applied the hydrolyzed milk protein in the baby cleaning and care products. This small molecular structure, which is very close to the composition of breast milk, is easy to be absorbed by the skin, and a layer of hydro-lipidic film will be formed on the skin surface.

In order to better and more effectively nourish baby's delicate skin, the experts combine the two natural active components, the so-called Liquid Gold--olive oil and the hydrolyzed milk protein, along with other precious natural ingredients in a scientific formula, which give baby gentle, safe, natural protection like breast milk.

Hydrolyzed Milk Protein/ Natural Olive Essence

The Natural Active Ingredient of Hydrolyzed Milk Protein Formula

Hydrolyzed Milk Protein

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Oil


Craftsmanship Cohesion of German Professional Quality

The advanced European research and development center and the strong research and development team have ensured the professional quality of Sanosan. At the same time, Sanosan adopts Germany's high standard and exquisite technology, the filling is completed in Germany at one time, which without the subpackage inland, so it has eliminated the secondary pollution and ensured the original taste and flavor of Made in Germany.

Sanosan strictly controls every production process, all products are produced in the 24-hour sterile intelligent workshop, and the process is safe and reliable.

From product storage to logistics, the company has realized the automatic and precise control to ensure the safety during transportation. All Sanosan products will not be available on the market until they have been tested in a qualified external laboratory.

It is just because the German Sanosan not only has excellent products, core technologies, and German high-end R&D team, but also has a loving heart that cares for the healthy growth of the babies, and adheres to the unchanging purpose for giving baby breast milk-like care, so it can continuously attract extensive attention from media and participants at the Beauty Expo for many years.

Hereby, I would like to thank all the parents and children for their trust and support to Sanosan. In the future, Sanosan will work harder to serve all the followers and bring more benefits to you all.

Although the 2018 Beauty Expo has come to a conclusion,

Sanosan will stay true to its original intension and forge ahead.

Let's get together again for the next year's Beauty Expo!

Sanosan staff wishes you and your family good health and happiness forever.